Learning Philosophy

Pump House is a wonderful environment for young children, but it is not enough that we have these surroundings, we also have to offer the very best care and education for all our children.

Learning Through Play

We follow the guidance provided by the Early Years Foundation Stage, but deliver the curriculum with passion, believing that every young child is programmed to learn, and it is up to us to work closely with parents to encourage this learning through play.

Whatever the age of your child, we will offer age-appropriate resources, toys, experiences and activities. The teachers will focus on the interests of your child, as an individual, and will build on his or her preferences, interests and loves. Any child engages best when he or she is motivated to learn, and it is up to us to find out what makes them tick.

The Importance Of A Child’s Home Learning Environment

We recognise the enormous importance of a child’s home learning environment, and know that you are your child’s first educators, so working closely with you is essential. We use a software system called Famly to record your child’s progress at nursery and to share photos and videos of their day. However, we know that talking to you face to face will tell us most about your child, so encourage parents to chat to key carers at the beginning or end of the day, or to make an appointment whenever it suits you to discuss your child in more detail.